15 Tiny, Brilliant FIFA 18 Details You Might Have Missed Part 1

No doubt you’re aware of FIFA 18’s bold new features. You know, the Real Player Motion, the Dramatic Moments, the Dribbling Overhaul, the Official Paul Pogba hairdo. But what about the ones that didn’t make it to the back of the box? We’re talking Giant Pitchside Inflatables, 360 Degree Crowd-Hugging, Sideline Litter Build-Up, and a dabbing Luka Modrić. To catch up on all of FIFA 18’s incredible new details, features, and touches you might have missed, read on.

1. Crowd rush

In scenes straight out of World War Z, swathes of fans now spill from their seats and charge towards the advertising hoardings whenever you score a goal. Not because of a particularly eye-grabbing campaign from Pukka Pies, mind you, but a mad bid to be literally six feet closer to the action. They scramble down the stairs and even over each other, stopping just short of combining their bodies to build a fleshy wall and swatting passing helicopters out of the sky. Sensibly, punters further back remain firmly bums-in-seats.

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