7 Essential FIFA 18 Tips: New Defending, Career Mode Advice, Ultimate Team Web App and More Part 5

The FIFA App transforms FUT for the better

That mention of the FIFA 18 app isn’t, we swear, a cunning piece of product placement. It’s actually a critical factor in the harvesting of Ultimate Team coins we mentioned earlier. In part because it enables you to buy and sell on the move, rather than having to boot up your console each time you want to do anything FUT-related; but chiefly because its menus make transfers far more easy to manage than those found within the game proper.

Take comparing prices for a particular player. While FIFA 18 forces you to scroll through each card individually, the app neatly lists all available cards for that player, enabling you to immediately spot the cheapest.

It’s the preferable method of completing Squad Building Challenges too. Large rectangular panels make clear which you’ve done and which you haven’t, while the transfer market – an essential factor in completing these challenges – is two mouse clicks, or screen taps, away, rather than an arduous cycle back and forth between console menus. It’s free on iOS, Android and your web browser, and worth learning your way around.

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