7 Essential FIFA 18 Tips: New Defending, Career Mode Advice, Ultimate Team Web App and More Part 6

Make a career out of youth development

FFT has already covered 10 of the most exciting teams to play as in Career Mode; but whoever you play as, don’t make transfers your sole means of injecting new blood. Many neglect the Youth Academy option entirely, when a little work early doors can pay huge dividends from season three onwards – both in terms of bolstering your squad and making long-term money, thanks to the new addition of sell-on fees to outgoing transfer deals.
On starting the mode, immediately recruit a Youth Scout and command him to search for ‘Technically Gifted’ players. Each month, when your prospects report lands, sign anyone with a potential overall of 90+; also consider anyone in the 85-89 range, depending on how much space you have in your academy.
Leave them in there to ferment and improve, like a fine wine, until you receive a message that they’re thinking of leaving – at which point offer a long-term contract. In this way you should add six or seven quality players per season, who’ll be ready for first-team action from 2019 onwards.
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