92 Futties Winner Romain Alessandrini Player Review

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re finally here — FIFA 19 is just about a month away, and FUT 18 looks to have just about signed off in style with the release of the new 92-rated FUTTIES Winner Romain Alessandrini.

Alessandrini won the RM vote, trumping Ousmane Dembele and Quincy Promes to receive this near game-breaking item. The SBC costs around 80K to complete, and today, we’ll be looking at whether it’s worth it or not.

Here are his in-game stats:

Highlights include:

99 Sprint Speed, Shot Power, Agility, Balance, and Stamina,

97 Acceleration, Curve and Crossing,

92 Long Shots, Ball Control and Dribbling,

91 Finishing, Penalties and Vision,

90 Positioning and Composure,

87 Strength

I used the Finisher Chemistry style on him, giving him these boosts:

Here are his stats for me so far:

Let’s look at his pros and cons:

Pace: Potentially the fastest player in the game. He’s up there with that new 92-rated FUTTIES Winner Lozano. Just about perfect.

Finishing: Phenomenal inside the box. I love his driven finishes, and his power finishes are also very accurate. He’s really good on both feet, so that’s another huge plus.

Long Shots: Love them. Beautiful, dipping long shots. He’s lethal from anywhere inside 35 yards. I’ve scored them on both feet, so the right foot is not an issue here either.

Finesse Shots: Absolutely broken. They arc into the top corner, no matter what angle you hit them from. He scores from any range, but he’s especially effective from just outside the box, or from the corners.

Passing: Sublime. The crosses are superb (on either foot), the short passing is perfect, and the long passing is fantastic. His free kicks are great – he scored one for me, and his the crossbar in each of his other two attempts. He was also very good on corners.

Agility/Balance: One of the most agile, nimble, smooth players I’ve used this – honestly, he’s up there with 98 TOTS Salah, 98 TOTM4 Neymar, 99 TOTT Hazard or 98 TOTY Messi. He feels almost like Messi on the ball, and with the four-star skills, he becomes absolutely deadly. I had so much fun with him — one of my favorite players to dribble with in FUT 18.

Ball Control: So good that I needed to mention it separately. He never puts a foot wrong when it comes to his ball control. Touch-tight dribbling, perfect execution of skill moves, and an unbelievable first touch.

Strength: Very powerful on the ball, and rarely out-muscled by defenders. He has moments of weakness, but they are few and far between.

Aggression: Very aggresive, and he wins a decent amount 50-50 challenges.

Weak Foot: Honestly, feels like a 5-star weak foot most of the time. I notice very little difference between the two, and the right gets the job done. Avoid taking the long shots and the toughest finesse shots on his right, but he can get it done.

Stamina: All that stuff I said above — he can do it all game long. ‘Nuff said.

Aerial Ability: Really stretching to find a con, but I guess he’s not that great in the air in the box? If he gets the header, he’ll get it on target.
He is the definition of meta — he’s fast, he’s strong, he’s brilliant on the ball, and has one of the best shots in the game. I love this player item, and for ~80K, he’s 100% worth it. I’d genuinely put him up there with the best items in the game. You do not want to miss out on the force of nature that is this Alessandrini item. Link him up with that 96-rated Zlatan, or his fellow French FUTTIES Winners Martial and Bakayoko.

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