99% Accurate Far Corners of FIFA 18

Fight far corners

Whether it is the face of AI goalkeeper or the player as the goalkeeper, far corners are your best choice.
Kill the restricted area, and then push your left stick to the far corner.
Push the left stick angle is very ball-hand feel, when you face the door frame, the best choice of left joystick ↖ (about ± 45 ° is sufficient), if you open the “shooting angle aids,” the left joystick-driven Angles can be a little bigger too anyway.
Just try more to choose your most suitable shooting position.
In addition shot close to the post is also a good choice, but the goalkeeper tend to seal the near column, so it is recommended that you play more far corners.
Suddenly cast cold arrows.

Compared with “PES” in the case of a defensive player blocked, your shot will be seriously affected, ranging from the ball hit the ball; otherwise, the ball was completely intercepted.
In order to prevent the interference situation appears, in the moment of shooting, you have to act decisively, must be fast enough cruel enough to complete a note of a deadly shot.
Sudden Shi Lengjian there are two basic operations, one is the horizontal hit immediately hit the door, and second, hit the ball hit the door immediately.
Both are in the non-completely break the other line of defense, but chose not to deploy the other side of the tight press closure.
In fact, many people know both shooting methods, especially in reality, playing the readers. But the game is different, do not look at playing a game with only a slight move your finger to deal with clean, in the game, you may because you want to make some fancy tricks, it will make your operation feel becomes clogged.
When the players in the game have done a good job, but you have a glimmer of pause, then the defensive player is easy to encircle.
At this time, to correct this “artificial” delay, you need to make sure that your action is the tricks you want to make.
(The remark may seem superficial, but in fact there are many players in the FIFA inside the person action, but often they do not know what the player will do, but do not know the direction of the player to complete the action, indiscriminate shot will only lead to Serious shooting error)
At the end of the operation, the player’s movements are often not over, at the same time you can press the B key, which will allow the player to complete a set of actions after the door.
The second scenario is easier than hitting the door immediately, which is to pass the ball directly to the catcher and finish the door.
Although it’s easy, this type of shooting is generally not a big deal and in order to make up for it you might consider using a straight ball as a simple cross-over or using a big ball to increase the shooter’s shooting speed.

Long shot
When you take the ball to the top of the hoist, at this time there are no defensive players appear within 2 meters of you, you can hit a long shot.
Long shot to tell the truth, really “very casual” on the line, the random place is that without too much consideration of the intensity and angle.
You only need to control the intensity of 10% to 70% is enough, of course, the greater the better, so you can hit the brow (horizontal bar) into the net nest;
The point of view as long as you run slightly different direction on it, because the AI ​​goalkeeper is usually blocking your running direction, and shot after the long shot, the ball will increase the flight angle, a slight angle offset can play a good angle , As long as it is not aimed at the goalkeeper can shoot.
Long shots, the real role is to scare each other’s defense, the other is to seek a “lucky” opportunity, the other goalkeeper saved long-range, your striker can make up.