A Major Innovation Of FIFA 19:50/50 battles

50/50 Battles is a system that gives the players a new sense of physicality and urgency to fight for loose balls.

In previous FIFA titles, there were situations where a player would not attempt to get a loose ball and let the opponent take the ball from him.

Now, all players have the same instincts when competing for 50/50 balls. With this improved physics system, you will receive a fair and realistic outcome based on how your player engages with the challenge. It’s up to you to decide how your player will battle for every ball, and the actions you request will play a part in the outcome of every challenge. Additionally, there are many new animations to help every battle look and feel real.

The factors that determine who wins each battle for possession are:

  • Player attributes (like strength and mass)
  • Action requested (slide tackle, pass)
  • How well-positioned you are for the battle (angle, speed, position of the body)

50/50 Battles, combined with the Active Touch System, represent a big step towards creating more natural and realistic football moments in FIFA 19.

A lot of new gameplay tools have been added, and combined with the variety in this year’s gameplay, you will have more control over everything you do on the pitch. Your skill and creativity will matter more than ever.

Be prepared to experience more “wow” moments in FIFA 19.

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