Another Star Embryo!

Another star embryo! Real Madrid youth training star merges the advantages of C Robel Benzema.

In the 18th season, the third round of the game in the La Liga at the Bernabeu stadium, Real Madrid 4-1 home victory over Leganes, Bell, Benzema, Ramos respectively for the team, won the league three-game winning streak It is worth mentioning that Kurkova’s debut in this game officially opened the prelude to the “double king” battle between him and Navas’s goalkeeper position.

The team won, although it is worth the fans happy,  more importantly, Real Madrid has shown strong team lineup in recent games. Except for the absolute core of the team such as Bell and Benzema, it shows a good competitive state. The performance of young players such as Asencio and Cevallos is also very exciting, and the players on the Real Madrid bench are also important. With the arrival of Kurtova, the fans are no longer like this season. I’m worried that the goalkeeper’s position is not a reliable substitute. In addition, because the team repurchased Mariano, the striker’s position has also been strengthened. Once Bell or Benzema can’t play, Real Madrid fans don’t have to worry about the striker’s attack. Walled.

Even if you give you 100 chances to guess, you won’t guess that the only striker who lost Cristiano Ronaldo’s new season’s buy is neither Lewandowski nor Mbape, not Neymar, but An unknown player, Mariano, until now, there are still many fans who can’t read his name completely, and even confuse him with another Real Madrid youth player, Mayor, who has already rented out. Together, it can be seen that Mariano’s reputation is small. Although he also dyed a white hair like Neymar, highlighting his maverick, Mariano is far from Neymar, regardless of fame or honor.

The rumors of Neymar’s move to Real Madrid have been looming over the Bernabeu for half a season. Everything looks so real. However, Real Madrid finally brought back from Nef, not Neymar, but Mariano. For Real Madrid fans. More or less, there is a little disappointment, but when you look back on the list of French strikers in the last season, you will find that this disappointing Real Madrid new aid seems to be “not so disappointing.” “The Real Madrid youth player who was worth only 8 million euros last season and the 220 million euro Neymar and 180 million Mbabe in the same league, in the case of teammates obviously not as good as the previous two, he The number of goals scored also reached 18 goals (including 1 penalty), ranking 5th in the French striker list, and in this list, Neymar ranked third, with 20 goals (including 3 penalty kicks) ), Mbape scored 13 goals, which means that Mariano is the most scoring of the three sports, although this has a lot to do with Neymar’s injury last season,  it can’t Denying that Mariano is a good offensive player  off.

Although there are not many fans who know Mariano, but if you have seen the fans of his game, you should know that Mariano is a football field fighter. If you have the opportunity to play, you will spare no effort to run and devote the utmost enthusiasm. Participating in the competition, he played very few games in Real Madrid in the 2016-2017 season, but still impressed Real Madrid fans, is an absolute blessing, in that season, Mariano first obtained a A huge honour – the hat-trick in the 6-1 victory over Leon in the King’s Cup, becoming the first team in the past decade to be able to complete the hat trick on behalf of Real Madrid in the King’s Cup, and A Real Madrid youth player who finished the hat trick in the King’s Cup is the ring king Raul. In addition, in the 15th round of La Liga’s home game against Laco in Real Madrid, Real Madrid was behind Laco at 1:2, the situation is very urgent, Mali. Arnault came off the bench and immediately scored his own goal to help Real Madrid equalize. The final score was fixed at 3 to 2. Real Madrid beat, and Mariano’s goal was very strange. – with shoulders scored, the goal is to ensure that the value of the daughter of Real Madrid broke the record in team history the tournament unbeaten, but also to ensure that Real Madrid got his wish to get a season’s La Liga champions.

Although Real Madrid fans can no longer see Ronaldo, Bell, Benzema’s “BBC” fit, but fans in Mariano can see the shadow of their three people, although Mariano is not a talent with top talent, But he is definitely a good player who dares to fight and trust, and deserves greater fame and glory.

First of all, Mariano has the same strong spirit and self-confidence as Cristiano Ronaldo. This is why he dared to wear Real Madrid No. 7 shirt. It should be known that Cristiano Ronaldo created an era of his own in Real Madrid. It may surpass his record of scoring and the record of the Champions League. Mariano wears his No. 7 jersey, which is equivalent to accepting more severe treatment from the fans. This No. 7 jersey may be a superstar’s blessing. It may also become a shackle at any time, but pressure and competition do not seem to be a problem for Mariano. After all, he once aligned with Danne and said: “Real Madrid’s competition is fierce, but I want to stay here, please give me a chance. I will be able to reward you with the Golden Globe in the future. In addition, Mariano and Cristiano Ronaldo have the same stunts, that is, the strength of the waist is very good, so they jumped very high, and once played a good show of squid on the court. It’s ridiculous.

Secondly, Mariano also has Bell’s all-around skills – running speed, especially his starting speed, although in front of Bell this may be a small skill, Guan Gong in front of a big knife, but in the face of the average player, he can already be in a short distance Getting rid of the defensive, this has laid a good foundation for him to fight back. You must know that the sport of football is not broken, it is faster than people, it means a little more opportunity, a little closer to the goal – in the football field On the fast, the children who run fast are usually not too bad.

As for the similarities between Mariano and Benzema, is it the ability to back pot? Of course not. If the fans have a bigger brain, you will find that both Mariano and Benzema have played in Lyon, France. They can make a comparison across time and space. Benzema was called “French Lira”. “The person with the ball on the earth is the most like Ronaldo”, but his league goals in the 07-08 and 09-10 seasons are 17 and 20 respectively. Mariano’s goals are different from him. Few, this also shows that Mariano can return to Real Madrid is definitely not just because he is Real Madrid’s “relationship”, but because his good performance in Ligue 1 caused the attention of the old club.

In addition to Benzema from Lyon, the number of goals is similar, and more importantly, Mariano is also a forward who is constantly looking for opportunities in the frontcourt, he always spares no effort to run, steals in the frontcourt The opponent’s defender and the player’s football, a person moving the team’s defensive line forward to the opponent’s restricted area, can be described as a real “defensive forward”, which is reminiscent of Benze’s two seasons in the Champions League, the second time in the Champions League steals the goalkeeper A good game to score a goal.

Although the competition in Real Madrid is very fierce, since Mariano chose to return to Real Madrid, he is not afraid of competition. Although his role is now a substitute player, the league is so long, so many matches, the coach Lope Teji is sure. Can give him ample opportunity to play, the key is to see if he can seize the opportunity, come to a big outbreak, perhaps, Mariano wants to shine in Real Madrid, famous, and it is a Champions League final and a Carius.

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