Characteristics Analysis of all Kinds of Representative Forwards in FIFA 18

Neymar, Hazard, Deulofeu et al.: their characteristics are agility, 90 speed, 90 dribbling, slightly weak physical and weak defense. If they have finest shot, they can still be useful. Center attack and rubbing also work very well.
Directly Confronting Forwards
Bale (They are less agile compared the last type of forwards). Players like Bale usually have good physical and height. When they confront the opposing wing back, they usually have the advantage of physical. However they need a certain space to strike and the operation of dribbling is worse than the above. I tend to classify Martial as this type of forwards, but some people may think Martial is also agile. As to his classification, it may vary from person to person.
Wing Organizing Forwards
Coutinho, Payet et al.: with respect to the attacking midfielder, they have no advantage in speed. They mainly rely on instant breaking through and passing to threaten their opponents. The operation of dribbling is relatively good and it hardly gets rid of the opponent with speed after skipping. Therefore it needs a certain skill to cooperate with other teammates at the edge of penalty area, penetrate pass, give a long shot and rub shot.
Juventus Forwards
Soccer fans who are familiar with Juventus F.C. know that the Old Lady’s Mandzukic tactic is violent and unbeatable. Ask yourself how many wing backs can defense Mandzukic? However, this tactic is not useful in the game because the wings usually stand near the penalty area consciously.

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