Christmas Event Coming! – 6% Extra Coins & Christmas Gifts Will Be Released! – FIFACOIN.COM Bonus

Big Party will be held for the coming Christmas Day, right?
Yes, it must be the most expected holiday of everyone. People wear Christmas hats, decorate their Christmas trees with some kinds of gifts, prepare Christmas dinner and hold parties with friends…
If you finish your party time and want to play FIFA 19, please go to FIFACOIN.COM to have a look first!
We also have Christmas Party waiting for you to join:

1. 6% extra coins for Order Amount ≥100K
Every 100K will enjoy 6% extra coins, that is to say, order 100K coins finally can get 106K coins, 1000K coins finally can get 1060K coins.
So it’s a good time to hoard FIFA coins.
Available Console: PS4, XBOX ONE, PC

2. Stockings in orders and FIFA 19 Packs
You can not only enjoy 6% extra coins by ordering, but also have chance to get stockings.
As the Santa Claus will fill gifts in children’s stockings, we play a role of the Santa Claus, prepare gifts in stockings for you.

What’s in stockings?

The gifts coins can be exchanged by the corresponding number of stockings in each console.

The more stockings you have, the more gifts coins you can exchange.

How to get stockings?
If ordering coins amount ≥100K, the probability to get 1 stocking is: 50%. (Available for all console)
If opening FIFA 19 Packs (except Gold Rare Packs), the higher value packs you open, the higher probability (could be 100%) you’ll get stockings. (Only available for PS4, XBOX ONE)

Activity Time: 9:00, Dec.23 – 9:00, Dec.26, 2018, UK
Wish you good luck to get more gifts coins.


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