EA is the most Uncomfortable with the Transfer of Ronaldo Part 1

On the evening of July 10th, Beijing time, with the official transfer of Cristiano Rodriguez to Juventus, the screaming “C Ronaldo left Real Madrid” drama finally settled.

It is reported that the transfer fee for this transfer is as high as 112 million euros, and Juventus and C Ronaldo signed a four-year contract with an annual salary of 30 million euros. Cristiano Ronaldo’s 9-year career in Real Madrid is very brilliant. He has won 4 Golden Globes and numerous golden boots, refreshed various team history records and so on. He also helped Real Madrid to win 4 Champions League trophies, including three. The seat is still a three-time crown with very high gold content. It can be said that Cristiano Ronaldo’s career is very successful, and there is no regret. C Ronaldo must have a good time in Real Madrid, and it is time to accept new challenges. Real Madrid is also a winner. It took 9 years to buy Cristiano Ronaldo in the 96 million euros. During the period, Cristiano Ronaldo brought countless honors to the team. Now it can be sold at a price of 112 million, which is equivalent to spending 9 years to make money. Juventus must also be very happy to get Ronaldo, which not only helped them raise their stock prices, but also attracted more fans’ attention, and at the same time had more imagination for the future.

It seems that such a transfer is a three-win situation, and everyone has got what they want. However, as the saying goes, there is a joy and a worry, EA must be very worried about this transfer. Because their “FIFA” series “FIFA19” released the cover star early, not everyone else is Ronaldo, and it is C Ronaldo wearing Real Madrid jersey. This is very embarrassing, presumably the current EA has been working overtime to create a new cover.

In fact, the fun of the sports game cover is quite a lot. Today, Xiaobian will take stock of those things about the cover of sports games.