EA is the most Uncomfortable with the Transfer of Ronaldo Part 2

In fact, it is not the first time that the star on the cover of the cover of the game has been transferred. For example, the cover of Neymar in PES 2018. When the cover of PES 2018 was first announced, it was five Barcelona players, including the popular Neimar. Before Neymar had just signed a long-term contract with Barcelona, Ko Lemei would not have thought that after they announced the cover, Neymar moved to Paris. Finally, Kolemei also responded by deleting Neymar and joining Pique and making a new cover for “Football 2018”.

Not only football games, but also in the NBA, where the stars have flowed frequently in recent years, the NBA2K series has encountered the same thing. Kyrie Irving moved to the Celtics after becoming the cover of “NBA 2K18”, but Owen on the cover of the game is still Owen wearing a knight’s jersey. Although Owen was only less than a month away from the listing of NBA 2K18, the 2K official still issued a statement. “As the most realistic basketball game on the market, we have always made the latest developments in the NBA. Quick response. This time, we will also launch Owen in the new cover of the Celtics uniforms later.” Finally, we also saw the Owen cover wearing the Celtics No. 11 uniform.

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