EA is the most Uncomfortable with the Transfer of Ronaldo Part 3

After so many “deep pits”, game makers have learned. The incident of James’s transfer was soaring, and the transfer of various versions went one after another. So the cover of “NBA 2K19” released before the transfer of James was simply unable to see the jersey, only to see James’s head. This approach directly avoids the impact of the transfer on the cover, which is really very smart. I don’t know if 2K will launch a version of James’ cover on the Lakers jersey.

2. Cover “Magic”
Another thing related to the cover star is the “cover spell” that everyone talks about. The cover “magic” means that the star on the cover will not go well in the next season. The most “magic” in the “NBA 2K” series. First, starting with “NBA 2K13”, except for the three people on the cover of “2K16”, all the other people who boarded the cover left the original team. And the three stars on the cover of “NBA 2K13”, Griffin, Durant and Ross, suffered injuries in the following season.

The cover character of “2K14”, James, in the next season, the Heat did not win as the defending champion, James also joined the Cavaliers after the end of the season.

Durant returned to the cover in “2K15”, but this time he still has not escaped the “magic”. In the next season, Durant missed most of the game due to injury, and the Thunder did not enter the playoffs.

The three characters on the cover of “2K16”, Harden was eliminated in the first round of the playoffs in the following season, and Curry was reversed in the lead of 3:1 in the finals. Anthony Davis, the league’s biggest forward, didn’t even play in the playoffs.

More special is Paul George on the cover of “2K17”. His “magic” seems to be continuing today. In the first season after becoming the cover character, Paul George’s Pacers were washed in the playoffs by the Cavaliers, and he was disheartened and moved to the Thunder. Instead, the Pacers after his departure, and the Cavaliers in the playoffs this year, the last game, and the Thunder in the first round of the playoffs was eliminated by the Jazz led by rookie Mitchell. It can be said that Paul George’s “magic” is different from others for only one season. His “curse” has been going on for two seasons. Do you know if Paul George, who is holding the Thunder next season, can break the “magic”?

3. Conclusion
The athletes who can be selected into the cover of the game must be the best in their respective fields and can be called the stars. In the current era, whether it is basketball or football, compared to 10 years ago, 20 years ago, the star’s mobility is much larger, and the superstar who is the oldest team in a team seems to be hard to see now. It is this growing star’s fluidity that has caused problems for sports manufacturers. If you are cold, you will dig a big pit for you. In addition, if the cover star does not perform well or the team’s record is not good, or injured can not play, it will also affect the players’ impression of the game. It seems that the selection of the cover star has become a technical job. However, the cover star can produce so many spells. Are the teams loyal to each other secretly praying for the cover of the competitor’s star?

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