FIFA 18 And PES 2018 Screen Comparison

The time for the sale of FIFA 19 is getting closer and closer. The competition between FIFA 19 and PES 2019 is getting more and more intense, but the preferences of gamers are different. Let’s take a look at EA’s FIFA 18 and Konami’s “PES 2018” recently brought us the contrast of the two games on the YouTube channel Candyland, let’s take a look at their performance.

FIFA 18 vs. PES 2018

By comparison, we can find that although the two games can’t be distinguished in terms of theme and scene design, the pictures have their own merits. EA’s FIFA 18 is built with the Frost Engine, which brings more realistic facial details and a natural lighting system, and the effects of dynamic blur are also in place.

On the other hand, “PES 2018” has a lot of progress on the screen compared to the previous ones, such as the improvement of character modeling, the use of lighting in some scenes is even more shocking, and does not fall under the FIFA 18. Of course, the superiority of the two pictures is still the clearest to the players. The picture of which game you like is believed to have an answer.

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