FIFA 18 Attacker: The Experience of Using Attackers

Which attackers are better in FIFA 18? Today I will share some of my using experience of attacking players in FIFA 18 with you. Help you to choose the best attackers. Let’s have a look.
The using experience of attackers
The formation I use is the 4231-2. Shevchenko locates at ST, Messi at CAM (changing the location at start), Matthäus at CAM and CDM (changing the location at start). The low-end Shevchenko is used about 260 games. Most of them are legendary sqb and online d10-d6. There are 30 to 40 final sqb later. Goal and assist are about 0.9 and 0.7. From the statistics, the advantages of Shevchenko are the double speed and the termination. The disadvantages are psychology and passing. The actual experience of Shevchenko is identical with the data.
The initial speed and ultimate speed of Shevchenko are above average, which have great reflection on his counterattack. The speed after touching the first ball can help player easily get rid of the sqb’s legendary full back, but due to the limitation of dribbling figure and star turf level, the ability of personal breakthrough is proportional to the ability of game player’s breakthrough. To put it simply, you can’t expect the fault tolerance rate of Shevchenko’s dribbling is equal to Messi’s. How much the beating ability you have, so has Shevchenko. The biggest advantage of Shevchenko is his high-end termination level in the game. Regardless of feet, his shooting conversion rate is top-end compared with legendary players of the same level. As long as the ball is in penalty area and there is room, he can shot at goal by just starting his feet.
In conclusion, Shevchenko can provide excellence terminal ability and undertake the task of taking a ball when he is backing up. The legendary feature of matching everything provides game players with more options and the addition from the belief of Shevchenko and Milan. However the double-side psychology and the ability of dribbling and his body can’t make him an omnipotent forward, which is well-proved by its pricing. As for buying it or not, you should make a decision by yourself.

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