FIFA 18 Attackers: The Best FIFA 18 Attacker Experience

As for Messi, I’m going to talk about his dribbling, speed and body together. The defend ability of ai is diminished in the FIFA of this version, while comparing the previous versions, Messi is stronger. The speed of Messi may not be the fastest, but his explosive power is the strongest both in getting the ball and catching the ball in the game. Regardless of slow or quick dribbling, he can easily get rid of any computer fullback. Because of the high figure of dribbling, even if he is not so strong, he can’t be knocked away by the opponent when he is dribbling. Even though he lost his position slightly, he can still control the ball by a swerve. The dribbling of Messi can bring game players with a high fault tolerance. Even if you are not skill as I am, you won’t lose the ball when you’re dribbing. In addition, because of his shorter stature, Messi can get in behind the opponent and steal the ball.
When it is in positional attack, the attacking move of Messi ai will absolutely not make you feel mm. You will have strong feelings only in counterattack. Since the position of rm is near the back, I will put him in the middle and let him dribble and attack, which will be the best scheme. However I still suggest putting him in the upfield and Messi locates in cam. It will be the double benefit of good thing. You can not only maximize his ability but also save his physical ability.
In conclusion, as a player sold for 810k, Messi is more than he’s worth and he is cost-effective. You may need to pay some price to own Messi because of the rw default location, but believe me, it is total worthy.

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