K Mbappe 18 Monaco ST 84 94 £46.5m
G Jesus 20 Man City ST 83 92 £27.3m
O Dembele 20 Barca RW, LW, CAM 83 92 £35.2m
Malcom 20 Bordeaux RW, RM 82 91 £27.5m
L Martinez 19 Racing ST, CAM, RM 73 89 £5.7m
J Arp 17 Hamburg ST 69 89 £1.5m
A Gomes 16 Man Utd CAM, LW, RW, CM 64 87 £0.8m
A Ndiaye Diedhio 20 Getafe ST, LM, CAM 74 87 £9.6m
Han Kwang Song 18 Perugia ST 68 87 £1.4m
F Chiesa 19 Fiorentina RW, CF 77 87 £11.3m
E Mor 19 Celta Vigo RW, ST 74 87 £9.6m
M Odegaard 18 Heerenveen (loan) RW, CAM 74 86 £8.3m
B Embolo 20 Schalke ST, RW 76 86 £12.3m
J Sancho 17 Borussia Dortmund LW, RW 64 86 £0.7m
J Kluivert 18 Ajax RW, LW 75 86 £8.8m

This won’t have been a hard one to predict.

Superstar France striker Mbappe has the world at his feet after joining PSG on loan – ahead of a massive transfer this summer – and now has highest potential rating in the game, with Gianluigi Donnarumma getting his potential ceiling downgraded to 93 in the winter ratings refresh.

Malcom also plays in Ligue 1, but may not be at Bordeaux for much longer in real life or FIFA 18 due to his massive potential. The Brazilian winger is wanted by Arsenal, Tottenham and Bayern Munich, and will be hugely in demand in FIFA as well thanks to his potential score of 91.

Gabriel Jesus, Manchester City’s Brazilian sensation, is another fantastic attacking prospect, while Ousmane Dembele could well turn out to be the best possible successor to Neymar, who headed to PSG before Mbappe.

Manchester United’s Angel Gomes, at the age of 16, is the youngest player on the list, and could become one of the best Premier League players in the game.

Further down the line, Jadon Sancho – formerly of Manchester City – is a superb prospect at Borussia Dortmund, while Emre Mor and Martin Odegaard are still highly regarded despite false starts at their respective clubs.

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