FIFA 18 Dribbling Skills: How to Protecting the Ball?

FIFA 18 The Teaching Method of Dribbling Skills: Protecting the Ball

The best way to protect the ball, of course, is to use your back against the player who comes in to catch up.

To close the back more quickly, you need to hold down the LT key and adjust the direction according to the position of the defender.

Keep in mind that every time the ball must go away from the defensive player,and never change the line towards the defensive player, because it is easy to intercept the ball.

In addition, the FIFA18 strengthens the body’s collision system, and it’s not good to be stuck with a defensive player for a long time, so get the ball out early.

The bottom
The benefit of cross the bottom, all know that it’s simple, straightforward and the scramble for the ball in the middle of the form, even if you are not familiar to the football too much. This is actually a 5-5, especially in the non-professional football match in real life or virtual game.

If you’re not familiar with football games, you can consider the bottom. If you are familiar with football, you should think more about the bottom.

Because the change is too broad, the bottom does not need to cross, bottom breakthrough may be good. After the bottom, it can be inverted triangle; After the bottom, you can go back to mid-field and overpass.

Practice this skill to a level of proficiency, then you will find that the area near the bottom of the opposing penalty will become a playground for each other.

For beginners, it is a good choice for the bottom pass, which can be used as a means of passing a high ball, a through ball, inverted triangle, or a heavy low level ball.

For advanced players, you can use some fancy tricks, or simply push the defensive player to the penalty area and then take the next step, which is a good choice.