FIFA 18 Experience: The Using of FIFA 18 Attackers

The initial speed and ultimate speed of Shevchenko are above average, which have great reflection on his counterattack. The speed after touching the first ball can help player easily get rid of the sqb’s legendary full back, but due to the limitation of dribbling figure and star turf level, the ability of personal breakthrough is proportional to the ability of game player’s breakthrough. To put it simply, you can’t expect the fault tolerance rate of Shevchenko’s dribbling is equal to Messi’s. How much the beating ability you have, so has Shevchenko. The biggest advantage of Shevchenko is his high-end termination level in the game. Regardless of feet, his shooting conversion rate is top-end compared with legendary players of the same level. As long as the ball is in penalty area and there is room, he can shot at goal by just starting his feet.
I have some mixed feelings about Messi. I like Messi very much but I don’t like Barça. In FIFA 18, I play ut because I want to build a team based on Messi. From the statistics, it can say that Messi has no shortcoming, even the height is his advantage. As for the data of Messi, it is too perfect to do any analysis.
I can’t find anyone who has the same shooting conversion rate with Messi among the same-price players. The strongest weapon of Messi is his rubbing shot. Both inside and outside the penalty area, his feet can rub a place on the field. In terms of rubbing shot only, Piero with five inverse feet only is probably the strongest player. However, Messi not only has rubbing shot, except for long-range shot, he can also shot at goal with any shooting ways. Even if he is pulled by the opponent and doesn’t fully adjust his paces, he can shot at goal. It can say that as long as you own Messi, you will take a 1-0 lead in the beginning.

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