FIFA 18 FUT Champions Weekend League Update

Before the FIFA 18 eWorld Cup in Barcelona, EA Sports FIFA announced in a blog post that a few more changes to Weekend League are coming along with the latest title update.

The senior game designer for FIFA 18 FUT Mode explains the changes and provides some additional context to some of the title update changes.

The most important change to the Weekend League is that players will qualify for the next Weekend League when they reach Silver 2 Level. The senior designer lends some insight into the thought process behind the change:

  • When we added qualification to the prizes at Gold 3 and above, we did so with the intent of making continued participation in the Weekend League easier. We looked at the effects of this change and found that it encouraged some players to play more games per weekend, which was not our intent.
  • To reach Gold 3, it takes 18 wins and data shows that a big group of players stop playing when they get there. It also shows that it takes most players approximately 31 games to achieve this rank. We understand the rewards are a big driver as to why people try to get as many wins as possible, but the disproportionate population of players who stop at this line signals an opportunity for improvement. So, with that in mind we’re making a change at the start of February.

The senior designer also explains the new Pre-Match selection screen in greaterdetail, quelling concerns and confusion that arose in the community with the accountment of Patch 6.

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