FIFA 18 FUT TOTW 37 – FUT Team of the Week 37

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Team of the Week is a big part of FUT 18 FIFA 18 Ultimate Team (This week it’s TOTW 37). In this FIFA 18 Ultimate Team of the Week guide we’ll explain what TOTW is in FIFA 18, why you should care about TOTW, how to get hold of TOTW Player Cards, and what the TOTW Challenge is. Read on for all you need to know about TOTW 37 and come back every Wednesday for details on the new TOTW in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. This week it’s FIFA 18 Team of the Week TOTW 37. We’ve also got the FUT 18 Team of the Year TOTY players.

For more on FIFA 18 that isn’t TOTW 37, head over to our FIFA 18 guide hub. It’s where you’ll find info on the best overall players in FIFA 18, the best young players, and how to defend or score lots of goals in FIFA 18.

FUT TOTW 37 – May 30 – June6

TOTW 37 is available from May 30 at 10 am PDT/5 pm GMT until June 6 at 10 am PDT/5 pm GMT.

FIFA 18 TOTW 37 – Starting XI
With a lack of players to choose from this week due to all the major leagues now being done and dusted for the season, it gives some less well known players a chance to shine. This week’s lineup includes an 84-rated Alessandrini, an 84-rated Fischer, and an 82-rated Pozuelo.

GK: Gonzalez – 76
CB: Jullien – 81
CB: Artiles – 81
LB: Moreno – 78
RM: Alessandrini – 84
LM: Fischer – 84
CAM: Pozuelo – 82
RM: Techera – 77
LW: Gradel – 81
ST: Armenteros – 80
ST: Iglesias – 77
FIFA 18 TOTW 37 Subs
GK: Riegler – 68
CB: Wood – 74
LM: Sadlier – 75
CM: Rogic – 72
FIFA 18 TOTW 37 Reserves
ST: Bertram – 76
LW: Prokop – 72
ST: Kadewere – 71
That’s your lot for FIFA 18 FUT TOTW 37. Check back next week for a new line-up.

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