FIFA 18 Guide: The Best Specialities Mega Guide

What are the specialties?
It seems to be causing a lot of confusion, so I will come out with this guide. I was curious about the first few games they had a specialty. He wonders if he has made very long comments, and that I am now trying to do something meaningful.

The easiest way to identify or clarify a particular area of ​​FIFA is to qualify it. Tell us you need 100 BW 100 to test for A1. If you get 79 points, you will not get a score, but it will just be a signal. This clearly reflects the player’s characteristics and adds nothing. This is just a way to find the best players (although considering test measurement, players may be in the stats barely less but worse because of the lack of special badges).

Another thing to note is that they do not have the same characteristics. I have seen people use the terms interchangeably and do not confuse them.

What can I use this information?
If you’re new to the game, think about what the badges mean. Most experienced players may be interested in training specific qualities in the career mode of the manager or player to obtain a badge. You can use this information as a template when you create a player or a virtual professional.

There are a total of 17 majors, so I tried to categorize them in the following categories. Physical / defensive, midline, offensive and complete. Not all of them fit perfectly, but I think this is a bit different.

All special features require a presence or a host of other badges. If this is the case, I will also deal with the relevant specialty.

Physical and general specialties
In this category, most decals are certainly physical. Others are more general or technical, but I have retained them.

The list is mostly because of their strong quest, everyone wants fast players in FIFA.

This is a simple solution. If you add Acceleration and Sprint Speed ​​attributes to the player, and the total amount is 180 or higher, you will get a Speedster badge.

Do not be lazy and assume you need 90 speeds and 90 double speeds, 180 together. A player who has 82 fast speed may still qualify, but must be accelerated at 98.

Two great examples: Cristiano Ronaldo Speedster (89 speeds + 91 sprint speed), but Lionel Messi is not (92 acceleration + 87 sprint speed).

This is also fairly simple, but needs a little explanation. There are two main factors: strength (obvious) and weight.

Players with weights up to 183 pounds or more need only 86 points or more.

However, players weighing 181 lbs or less have a strength of 90 or more.

This is something else that can only be explained by force.

Players with a response must have at least 80 or more Agility 86 characters to be “Acrobat”.

But if the player’s reaction is 79 or less, it should be 90 light or better.

Highlights include Eden Hazard and Phillipe Coutinho.

Airborne risk
The antenna threat is somewhat more complex, but it is simple to read this antenna slowly.

Players 6’5 “and above need at least 75 major features.

However, both 6’2 “and 6’4” attributes require at least 90 addresses.

If the player is 6’1 “or less, the following conditions must be met:

The recipient’s attribute is at least 90.
The Jumping or Strength attribute is 85 or greater.
Some examples of air threat players include Bas Dost (6’5 ‘), Olivier Giroud (6’4’) and Sergio Ramos (6’0 ‘).

To be an “engine”, the following three conditions must be met:

Number of manpower attacks = high
Protection rate of work = high
The Stamina attribute must be 86 or higher
The work piece is a bit odd because it affects both the engine badge and the hunter badge. To try to give meaning to the workload, you include a table at the bottom of the page.

Some examples of the FIFA 18 engine are Kevin De Bruin, Renato Sanchez and Antonio Valencia.

The first requirement is to consider the Dribbler attribute of 86 or more.

Second, unless you have 5 * skill moves, you need at least 75 credits.

Therefore, the player who moves with a capacity of 5 * and 86 passes gets the badge. But the player who has 4 * capacity is 99 passes and 74 credits.

Frank Ribery, Arjen Robben and Esko are all paralyzed in the game.

Defensive offers
This does not mean that it applies only to defenders, but indicates that the player has the ability to defend the game. Just pass two badges.

It’s easy to guess. Only two conditions are met:

The player must have at least 86 attributes of Constant Peaks.
The player must have at least 85 scroll bars.
Tackler is required for Complete Defender.

Some of the best players I can contact are FIFA 18, N’Golo Kante, Giorgio Chiellini and Pepe.

Another simple for you. The player must meet the following conditions:

Scan feature 86 or higher.
Attribute react 80 or higher.
Lars Binder, Javier Mascherano and Andre Herrera are all tactics.

Central specialties
Again, not only about the midfielders but they are more common in midfielders.

I know, I said that this is not just about midfielders, I lied well. The Playmaker badge is for midfielders only. To qualify for this badge, the player must meet the following four conditions:

You can run either CDM, CM, or CAM. (The main situation is not necessarily included, only dynamic)
Short pass attribute 86 or higher.
The visual attribute is 86 or higher.
The long attribute of the phrase is 73 or higher.
Mandatory for full midfield player.

Tony Crosse, Christian Eriksen and Javier Pasteur are all well-known album makers.

It’s a little simpler. The player must meet the following two conditions:

The overlay attribute should be 86 or higher.
The curve attribute must be at least 80.
Both Leighton Baines, Marcelo and Dani Alves are great.

Free Kick Specialist
For free kicks, each player must meet the following two conditions:

The free kick must be at least 86.
They need to evaluate at least one to 85 TOTAL curve or imaging performance.
You have already made a list of the best contestants in the game, but not all are eligible for this badge. Some players who will not be Yaya Toure, Honda Kisuki and Memphis Debay.

Distance shooter
This is similar to the Speedster account you have covered.

For “Shooter Distance”, players collect long shots and gun performance characteristics of 174 or more.

Do you think the Tielians, Marco Rios and Gareth Pyle.

Attacking special offers
The two are likely to be found in the attackers, but it can be reasonable to be in the wing or attacking midfielder.

Three criteria:

Work experience should be medium or low. Can not be high.
The end must be at least 85
Title bar must be at least 75
Samuel Eto’o, Javier Hernández and Eden Dzeko are well known.

Clinical finishing
Two criteria

The end of the trigger must be 86 or greater.
Player must have Long Shot 80 or more.
Jermaine Defoe, Harry Kane and André Pierre Geniac both have clinical finishing touches.

They differ slightly from one another if they are based on other disciplines.

Full Defender
To qualify as a full defender, the player must meet the following conditions:

TO Tactical
At least one of the aerial threat is Acrobat or Force.
Full midfield player
To be a full midfielder, the player must meet all of the requirements:

You must have at least two of this list.
Distance shooter
Free Kick Specialist
Clinical finishing.

Full forward
The full transfer status depends on the following points:

At least one fisherman or clinical finishing.
If the player has only a fisherman or a clinician, he must have at least two:
Airborne risk
However, if both Poacher and Clinical Finish are available, then only one of the list.

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