FIFA 18 Guides: Solution to Forced Termination in Classic Pattern of FIFA 18

How to handle forced termination in classic pattern? What can you do when FIFA 18 is forcefully terminated? Today, I will share the solution to forced termination in classic pattern with you. Anyone who encounters this problem may have a look.
Solution to Forced Termination in Classic Pattern
The Principle of Forced Termination:
In classic pattern, the game will be forcefully terminated when some players are in the starting line-up. After a series test in the game, I’m sure the bug has nothing to do with players themselves. For example, someone said he brought Ali, and then as soon as the player is in the starting line-up, the game would run into forced termination, but I’m sure if you start over and buy Ali again, the problem will be solved. I unintentionally found that the bug comes regularly. The regulation is that the N-th signed player must bring a bug in a season. However, N is a fixed number as for a permanent team, so is a fixed number for all teams. For example, if I start with Milan, the fourteenth player signed in the first season will bring a bug. As long as the player is in the starting line-up, the bug must come out, while the other player will be bug free. I only test it with one team. It is possible that every team will bring a bug in different sequences. I don’t know who the next player bringing bug in Milan is, because I only sign a dozen of players. In addition, I’m not sure whether the sequence number will change in the second season. You may test it by yourself.
The new signing rule allows us to sign countless players each day, so you should try to buy all players at a time before the first few days of the game in next season. And then you can take a group test. It will be great if the bug all come from the player ranking 14th.
It is easy if you find the sequence number that will bring a bug. You can rent a player that you will never put in the starting line-up. For example, the number 14th will bring a bug, and after you have signed 13 players, you rent a player at random. Keep in mind that you should wait for the rented player is on the team, and then you can continue to sign other players. Because the signing can finish only when the player is on the team, so that other sign-in players can be put in the starting line-up.

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