FIFA 18 Tutorial: High Lob Pass

Hello guys,Today we’re looking at a pass that will help you destroy impatient defenders and vary up your attacks.

How To Do The High Lob And What It Is

The high lob pass is different than a regular lob because it has a much higher trajectory, and a slower travel time. This is great because it gives you plenty of time to outsmart and outmuscle the enemy.

To perform the high lob, simply hold L1/LB and press lob (square on PS4, on XBOX it’s X).

When And Why To Use A High Lob

If you’ve got a strong/tall player at the front of your team or even on the wings, you can use him as a target man. Ping the ball to him, outmuscle the defender with the shield button, and then nod the ball to an open player. The open player can make a run or even pass it back to the target man in order to exploit the new space you end up generating.

Full backs are usually fast, but weak and small. If you shift a large player to the wing mid match, you can terrorize them with this pass. Of course, using a large winger is unorthodox, it sacrifices speed on the wing for sure. But as players get upgrades, you might find unlikely stats on some of your favorite guys.
You can also do a high lob to the tip of your attack, because the defending CB will break his defensive line in order to combat the striker. This will leave a gap in the center of the enemy’s defence. If you can win the aerial battle here, you’ll literally have a gap you can immediately exploit. If you win the aerial duel and have the ball, immediately trigger some player runs and keep going!

You can annihilate defenses with guys like Lukaku, and even Dzeko! In theory, Smalling will no longer feel like a Greek god when going up the likes of Lukaku.

Just make sure you don’t hit the ball too hard. You don’t want to use it as a through ball, you want your target man to take a few steps towards you in order to pull the CB away.

And of course, you can do high lobs as a last ditch all out attack type of effort. Since the ball travels slowly, you give time to your runners to advance. Almost like a hail mary in American football.

Finaaaaaaallly, your dream of playing like Big Sam is a reality (said no one ever).

If you don’t have large players but have noticed that your opponent has been failing at heading and aerial duels, try this out with your small players as well. At the end of the day, if the enemy can’t time their jumps or battle for space, you’ll slay.

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