FIFA 18 Player: Alejandro Gomez 91

Chemistry Method: Use the sniper’s chemistry method to increase the enemy’s speed up to the maximum as well as shoot it. It may also be well with the falcon on it, but I did not try it. Maybe even the engine or any other chemical method enhances either shooting, dodging or physical, because its velocity is already near the maximum.

Speed: Well, the core card has 96 speed, with 99 acceleration and 91 sprint speed. And because it is really short, it feels faster. Of course he can not beat everyone at any time (and this is impossible), but he really feels 99 speed with the chemical method. 10/10

Archery: The most amazing thing about this card for me was really shooting. I mean … yes … say 89 on the face of the card … but with the chemical hunter it might well be 99 as well. It was very secret. His shots were very accurate and very difficult, and he easily beat the goalkeepers (De Gia, Terre Steigen, etc.), which led him to score 24 goals in 13 games in the weekend. 10/10

Jumper: Just what you expect from an attacker with 91 passes, and he can make some good passes and passes. I did not have a great chance to test his crossing (although he takes my angle now, but I’m not good at that … so yeah … I do not do much for him). But his passage on the ground is really good. 9/10

Temptation: ball control, agility, balance, dribbling, composure … really has it all. Of course from time to time you will have a bad touch, that is how the game, but it really feels smooth. The closest player to match him would be Messi of course, but for me personally he was leading a better way of card-based chaos not only in this category but in general. 10/10

Defense: Given that he’s a striker just fine. But it does not matter either way. 10/05

Physical: The weakness of this card. It is as weak as you expect. His high balance and lightness help him out a little in some situations, but in general you can not really expect to keep defenders or anything like that. If they get hold of you, you lose the ball. Also because it is short will not win any heads … at all. 10/03

Centrification: Again, what you really expect when putting card statistics. Just really good. I messed up a bit with instructions on him and found his position to be the best with the target guy’s education on him. I know it’s strange, but for some reason, it suits him. Do not keep the defenders, but to receive the ball, turn and continue to play and benefit from his outstanding skills (shooting, dribbling, traffic). 9/10

Overall: If you are looking for a fairly cheap price (at least what you get) a player with a clinical finish, brilliant dribbling and a good pass, he is the guy for you, as long as you can handle his low strength and weakness. But if you want a quick, smart launcher … go for it. You will not regret it 9/10.