FIFA 18 Player: Isesco 94

Pace Games – Not surprising, but it really is not what this card needs or what is going on around it. Very rarely if you think this law is a problem. 10/07

93 shots – I honestly believe that the ISESCO TOTS is better than the goal of most of the attackers you used in Viva. His achievement (98) is truly incredible and he is always in the right place thanks to 93 situations. So we’ve already created it in a gorgeous box, moving in long range shooting .. It’s really deadly! I thought his shot strength was better than the statistics. 80 The accuracy of his shots from a distance was amazing whether it was a powerful shot or a driving force, and I always entered. Do you need to register a goal? bring it. 10/10

93 scrolling – all the passes you exercise are pretty much likely to be perfect, 97 short pass and 96 long pass make creating opportunities a breeze, a shame I did not make the most of it. Vision 95 lets you make any pass you want and even some passes you do not see. Run every game you play and continue to pass. I can not really believe that I only got 5 assists with him. I chit 10/10

97 Dodgers – It’s very fun on the ball, I can not stress it enough. Give him a ball, control it right away (because 99 ball is controlled by it), and his dodge (98) is ideally perfect, keeps the ball close to him madly but moves with it at full speed. After that, when you need to bypass one of the defenders in those dribbling with 90 speed, you will skip past as if it were not there. If you like skill moves, the 4 * is another huge bonus for this card, regardless of your dodging style is that you will enjoy this card. Defenders also have a time card to resist outside the ball because they have 92 credits. It’s really a handful. 10/10

62 Defensively – do not usually say anything about defending the CAMs because it is usually shit but that impressed me, standing 83 countering means that it is very good at getting the ball back for you, the same with 80 objections. I’ll play with him on the CM without any worries if shooting him was not very impressive. 7.5 / 10

75 Physicist – Has a stamina of 85 but his list is weak. In times when he can not rely on his stunning balance alone, he will lose the battle, and there are not many defensive players more than he does not excel, it is not a big problem, although his balance usually helps him. 10/06

3 stars weak foot – fairly inconsistent but not awful, if not hard to rely on his left foot. 10/07

To summarize this is one of the most interesting cards I’ve used this year, a professor of all attacking aspects, it will immediately be the focal point of your team, and you’ll just need to keep going. You will get points through this card, you will create it using this card and the price of less than 100 thousand TOTS David Silva Why do not you want to use it? It’s very cool

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