FIFA 18 Player: Red 83

It’s fast but I think because of its length it does not feel very fast in the game. Kind of like canty. Not frustrating, but nothing spectacular.

Good on the ball. Its first touches are fantastic, they do not seem to take too many heavy touches and can turn out quite smoothly compared to other hub machines. You will be very comfortable in this aspect because it is good enough to deliver the ball forward. Not by any means, but better than most.

A bit turbulent. Basic conditions while under minimum pressure can complete passes relatively easy. But when he is under pressure from an opponent who is good at defense he sometimes tends to mislead passing right to his opponents defenders which is somewhat annoying. His ridiculously low power means that you have to let the ball go quickly before it is pushed so I think it also affects him.

I play in CDM with good attackers in front of him so I do not use his photography much. The few times I fired from a distance of about 25 yards, and the guard had to save them, while others went directly to them. He did not score me in the 8 games I used but that was not really his job.

It’s good 1v1. Attempts to stand still tend to be very good, and quickly he can start to face easily. My biggest complaint is that his objections are not good, and that he is not aggressive. I’m not the player who offends the second man but when I use him I expect a player to apply some decent pressure and Fred seems to want to defend only if I really control him. All in all can accomplish the task if you do not rush into play and can play defense.

My body – my body
92 stamina was the most attractive thing for me. The entire duration of 90 or even 120 CDM. It will be the backbone for you, and it always descends up and down the pitch with H / H tendencies. He has 47 strengths and is frankly the part that kills this card. Like a clean development mechanism, you need the strength to win the ball back and can not push anyone outside the ball. He has a high jump but he does not win heads often.

Fred has areas where he excels, such as speed, dribbling, and stamina. But its disadvantages are certainly remarkable. His defense is average, passes average, and his strength hampers his card in all areas. It is probably good in CM, but I will not use it as a CDM.

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