FIFA 18 Player: Which Players are Better in FIFA 18? Part 2

Low-end Van Basten: In terms of his shooting only, he is quite reliable and he also has good performance in the game. His dribbling is neither good nor bad without too much strength and agility. He can just shoot at goal, no matter where he is in or outside the penalty area and no matter what he turns to shoot, shoots with dribbling or shoots after catching the ball. If his low-end version is not expensive, I strongly recommend him. He helps me score many heading goals. His passing and assist are great too and he has exclusive shot in every opening, therefore I sincerely recommend him.
Low-end Kluivert: The major reason I buy him is the recommendation of Baidu Tieba and some websites. However, in terms of my actual experience, he is the player that I have strongly regretted buying. It is too clumsy to dribbling by using him, possibly because I don’t get used to the use of him. As for me, he is just like a cumbersome truck. In addition, I use him to play in 6 games. As a result, his scoring ratio of long shots is only around 30% and it only happens in good time. Most of the time, the ball sticks the post. When I use him, I feel that the accuracy of his dribbling and shooting is extremely low, but when I pass center, his scoring ratio becomes extremely high. Either in heading or volley shooting, I basically can score 9 goals in 10 shots. Probably because I still prefer passing and controlling and less passing center. When I pass center, I feel like a Hulk. However, I still think his dribbling and long shot is too lame.
Low-end Crespo: I buy him because he has been praised by most people. I feel his strength of heading is large and he often hit the post with a series of chinks when he heads the ball. In a word, I still think he is not so necessary and his dribbling is average. Although the accuracy of shooting is very high, his model is quite normal. It can only say that he is a pragmatic player.

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