FIFA 18 Player: Which Players are Better in FIFA 18? Part 3

Suarez: I often use him to cooperate with Bale and Ronaldo. His shooting is really great, but he has poor performance when he confronts with the backs and challenges for the header. I always feel that when the ball is passed to him, he can’t defense the opposite back and get the ball. I think he is not strong enough too, but I often appoint him as a fulcrum and he performs well in the position. He is worth the price. Therefore if a player is as good as Suarez, then you buy him without regret.
Dembélé: he has joined Barça. He is a five-star player and he is cheap. I always want to have a try. Therefore in the 4-3-3 formation, I locates him in RW. When I have used him, I have to say he is a great player. His positioning, speed and shooting are truly excellent. When the situation has been stalemated, I will pass the ball to him and let him break through. However, he has his disadvantages, short stature and inability to header. Given his great positioning, speed, shooting and reasonable present price, I still strongly recommend him.
Bale: He is really outstanding. If Suarez and Bale control the ball and they tackle one opponent together, few of players can catch up with Bale. Bale equips with good strength and speed, but frankly speaking, the so-called great speed is exaggerated. The operating touch is just normal. However, Bale scores many heading goals and has reliable shooting. Few of players among the non-legendary players are more suitable than him in RW.

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