FIFA 18 Player: Which Players are Better in FIFA 18? Part 4

Dennis Bergkamp: The Bergkamp that I use is probably the low-end version. I feel great, when I arrange him in CAM. I often get surprise from his shooting. He has great performance either in getting the ball to shoot or catch the ball to shoot. He scores 3 goals in one game. Even he is outside the penalty area where it is difficult to shoot, he can score goals. What’s more, he uses the robbing shot with instep that most players know. I have used many players. He is the only player that I have ever seen that robs shot with instep. The only disadvantage is his speed, but the disadvantage can be accepted since he is located in CAM. The price around 1million coins is quite acceptable and he is worth a recommendation.
Low-end Rui Costa: He is the first legendary player that I buy. The price is around 500,000. He also brings me surprise in CAM. He has great height, speed and even shooting. The operation is smooth too. He is like Andrea Pirlo either in dribbling or passing. At present, he is one of the cheapest legendary players. If your formation has CAM, then I recommend buying him.
Low-end Thierry Henry: I have discussed the operation of him and Cristiano Ronaldo. He is as good as Cristiano Ronaldo in LW. In so many legendary players, few players make me feel he has characteristics in dribbling, but as for Henry, I think his dribbling is as distinctive as Ronaldo’s. Ronaldo is dribbling with his instep holding the ball and Henry is dribbling with the ball close to his body. Operating Henry to different directions is as comfortable as operating Neymar. The rubbing shot is very accurate In LW. I dare to say that the hand feeling of Henry is as good as tha of Ronaldo. Therefore I recommend him.

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