FIFA 18 Players: Analysis FIFA 18 Basic Players Part 1

First of all, ST can be divided into speed assault type, coquettish tape type, post tank type and omnipotent.
Stable type:

It must be Giroud, and Ibrahimovic, Dzeko, Manjoo, Gomez and so on. This type is general speed 50, body 90, good at header, slide rail three bars. Fit: Pass the ball from the back to the front of the winger, etc. The header bombed, the goal snatched the ball. So if you buy Giroux, then by the time Giroux gets to the door, the ball has gone. This kind of ST needs patience to play the opportunity and back pass can help you score.
Speed type:

Vardy, Aubameyang, Mbappé, Werner, etc. Such players are usually very fast, with anti-offside stunts. When they see the gap, they rush to the scene and brush goals. It should be noted, however, that the dribbling of such players does not stand out. It is impossible to pass in a small area
Dribbling type:

Jesus, Lacazette, Griezmann, Aguero and Atlanta Gomes and so on. Compared with the last type, these players have better dribbling feel, more flexibility, more chance to create, and much more speed, because they are very popular. For example, the price of Jesus is thousands. The score of Jesus is 81. It is enough to explain that he is useful.

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