FIFA 18 Players: Using Experience of FIFA 18 Rijkaard

I used it at the first time when it came out. It is SQUAD BATTLES. I used 4321 formation and he was the centre CM. However, I forgot to set up tacit mode. It was too heavy. It’s not the same level as Vieira. It is too slow to catch speed player. I won the first quarter with 4:3. My opponent got a 89 of general comment.

I gave it a “catalysator”at the beginning of second quarter: enhance speed and pass. This quarter is more interesting. Standing in the mid-way, when the glass substrate’s player get close, you only need to stretch your foot a little, he will immediately cover his legs and kneel down. It has proved effective every time. Next it is the defensive head ball. My player’s height is 187cm, heading accuracy is 87. His centre player is CB with the characteristic of defense. Although his position is back or center-half back, when we return back to defense, we will have a CB about 88. The general comment of my opponent in the second quarter is also 89. The computer’s high profile Larson and Ronaldinho were repeatedly caught on the ground by him. His defense after being close to the opposing player is not a “stick board”, but a large iron forceps. If the speed player was clamped by him, he will be pounced on the ground or can’t move. This is so funny.

I put him in the left side in the third quarter. Although the score is 2:0, this is a test. I use Rijkaard to hit each other repeatedly.

Summary of Rijkaard: weakness: 77 degree of speed is a little low, 72 degree of agility is not high and shot is not very nice. Outstanding: his nature is CDM, so he may be mainly used to defense. He has 91 degree of interception, 90 degree of short pass and 87 degree of long pass. He favors glass and speed player. As long as he gets close to them, they will stagger or even go off stage. Center forward who depends on body is easier to deal with. Only those center forwards with top-level body can beat his 90 degree of strength.

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