FIFA 18 Skill Moves: EL Tornado and No Touch Dribbling


How to do it: Hold LB/L1; flick right stick up and then left or right

El Tornado is special in that it can only be performed by a select few players in FIFA 18; Cristiano Ronaldo, Antoine Griezmann and Roberto Carlos among them. The trick is so exclusive that it isn’t even credited as an official skill move in-game, but EA have said they’ll unlock it for any player who pulls it off in real life. Crouchy, the floor is yours.


How to do it: Hold RB / R1 and use left stick. Release RB / R1 to operate.

Few changes have been made to the No Touch Dribbling system in this year’s game. Now, the RB / R1 buttons serve as your modifier, allowing you to deceive opponents before leaving them in the dust with a rapid speed of explosion.