FIFA 18 Skill Moves: How to Make the best Skill Moves?

Ability to manage capacity change in FIFA can be the difference between defeating and losing. Whether it’s a simple false shot or perfectly scared rabbit, these maneuvers certainly leave opposition defenses.

As usual, EA Sports has launched some new tricks in the mix this year, while it also improves some pre-existing ones. We detail them down, so learn now and we guarantee your game to improve as a result.

How to do it: Press B then A (Xbox) / Circle then X (PS4) and click right stick in opposite direction to where player plays

If you choose to learn only one new FIFA ability this year, do it. The Cruyff Turn can be performed by any player in the game, and if used effectively, both online and AI opponents will be highly susceptible to their defense-sharing nature.


How to do it: Flick right stick in direct player faces while running

There are several ways to remove the Flick Hat in FIFA 18, with a few new variations added to the mix this year. The Okocha Flick Hat (activated while running) and the Previous Hat Flick (activated while a ball is booting) can only be performed by players with five-ability capabilities.

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