FIFA 18 Skills: Penalty Kick Training

Penalty Kick Training—-Basic Free Kick
Introduction: get as many goals as you can. Hit the target to get a higher score. Try to call the second and third main kick players to make more different types of shots. Free ball, curve
Enhancement: long shot, free ball and curve
Penalty Kick Training—-Long-range Free Kick
Introduction: pass a high pass to the teammate; get the ball. If you want to shoot directly, you can try to switch free ball mode
Enhancement: shooting power, long shot, free ball and curve
Penalty Kick Training—-Basic 12 yards
Introduction: as far as you can get the most goals. Hit the target or water bottle can get additional points. Strong shot is more difficult to kick to the bottom corner of the king.
Enhancement: Terminal ability and 12 yards.
Penalty Kick Training—-Intermediate 12 yards
Introduction: try to hit all targets. Try to use accurate shooting and kick out a more accurate shot. Enhancement: Terminal ability, shooting power and 12 yards
Penalty Kick Training—-Advanced Free Ball
introduction: Try your best to get more goals. Try to move the player and try to use the outer instep or the front foot to shot.
Enhancement: long drive, free – ball and curve
Penalty Kick Training—-Advanced 12 yards
Introduction: shoot the net into the net and hit the target and level until the title is not available. Try to position the players in different positions to kick the shots of different tracks.
Enhancement: terminal ability and 12 yards

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