FIFA 18 Squad: The Top 3 Leagues To Build Your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Starter Squad

You’ve just created your club at the FIFA Ultimate Team, got your first group, your loyalty, and everything you can do to build some coins, and now it’s time to build your first team in the new game.
At first, you need a strong team that will not be more deprived if you deal with a discount against a star, but with a limited budget, which means you have to be smart.
It will be very difficult to start the Premier League because it is so popular that the best players will quickly abandon the high prices. The Spanish league is also very difficult because the players of Real Madrid and Barcelona are very ambitious, but they are far from the two most popular league.
Having had the opportunity to experience many of FIFA’s various budget collections in the early 18th century, we believe that the best courses are to go and play to find more coins and upgrade the team.

3 – Calcio A

Strengths: strong midfielder opportunities, high-level players at low prices.
Weaknesses: jump sharply on the price to the next level of players, not many striker opportunities.
Basic purchases: Diego Perotti, Piotr Zielinski, Juan Jesus.
The best Italian tournaments are still very popular in the Ultimate Team, where there are plenty of opportunities for reasonably priced players and outstanding players, such as Paolo Dibala and Radja Naingjolan. Despite the use of Calcio A teams, prices have never risen so quickly to become highly qualified players, with the market continuing to grow.

2 – Bundesliga

Strengths: great opportunities in defense and the center.
Weaknesses: Strikers are short.
Core purchases by Kevin Fuland, Mitchell Visser, Emile Forsberg.
The best start is going to the team, you can build a trustworthy and reliable team of Bundesliga high-profile players such as the prophet Keita and Emile Forsberg, who are available at very low prices and some outstanding physical protection as well. There are many solid striker option, because you have to wait for the Werner Timo, which is the best option as super expensive Aubameyang and Robert Levandowski.

1 – League 1 Conforama

Strengths: The players with high grades are very cheap, at many rates.
Weaknesses: goalkeepers, elite players cherished.
Core purchases: Fabenho, Djibril Sidibe, Stephane Yoffick.
If you want to see the team as soon as possible of the leading players in the Champions League, Ligue 1 is where you should go. Neymar, Cavani, Mbappé or the three added to the ultimate goal of high-quality players such as Fabenio, Djibril Sidibe and Javier Pastore, without the need to break alliances too much money.

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