FIFA 18 Tactical: FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Path to Glory

FIFA 18 Ultimate Teampaad to Glory | 25 players come in handy as live items for just one week
FIFA 18 gets this week a brand new event for you to earn your hard-earned coins. The Path to Glory event brings 25 players into packages or live items, usually in lead to the final 2018 World Cup playoffs for the rest of November. Most players will not be improved in the same way they should be in a team of the week, but in the form of new forms will appear.
Some players also changed their position, such as Asensio and Payet, to reflect better how they played in the World Cup. You can see the complete table below.

There are only a few players who improve improved statisties for this event, so it’s not as specific as the week’s team, but still keeps it up. More importantly, there are also four players or part of the Path to Glory event available only as Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), but those players are not yet mentioned.
Some of these players can fit into your team right now: Asensio is LW in service of CAM, Payet is LM of LW, Gómez is LM of SS, Stindl is ST of SS, Welbeck is LM of ST, Forsberg is LM of CM , and Giuliano is CM of CAM.
This event starts today at 6:00 GMT GMT. It runs for a week, until November 17th, then ends at 6:00 GMT. The SBCs are probably the most important thing: it’s probably a good idea to get it this week before the event ends.

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