FIFA 18: The Setting of System Board Experience of Dribbling

1.【Fake pass, but it did pass.】The most basic fake action is bluff throw, pump-fake, and make sure to press the X key or B key. The sound of the button rebound are clearly heard. When press the A key, the ball really passed / shot out.
2.【The dribbler is weak.】The ball had been protected and the opponent came from behind, and our dribbler let out the ball.
3.【The ball was kicked away for no reason】The dribbler didn’t dribble or catch the ball, but he kicked the ball three meters away.
4.【An unhelpful AI move ①】You succeed in making perfect deke, and the defensive players has been deceived, and at this point you can get into the penalty area. This time your AI teammate rushed over and knocked you down. More often than not, two AI controlled teammates collided with each other, making it impossible for them to reach the front court quickly.
5.【An unhelpful AI move ②】When you take the ball, all the teammates around you hide behind the opposing defender (they clung to the opponent defender) to create a ” no passing, no dribbling” situation.
6.【The other party’s judgment is accurate】No matter how incredible your spin is, the opponent defender prejudges the ball’s trajectory, and waits in that position and snatches it away.
7.【The opponent shots the ball across people.】When you shot the ball, the defender in the back kicked the ball away.
Interestingly once, I tried to back pass in the penalty area, and at that moment the system-controlled forward suddenly burst in from 2 meters with a diagonal shot. Even our defenders and ball were out. And the ball was in.

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