FIFA 18: The Setting of System Board Experience of Passing

1.【Errant pass】There are no opposing defenders between the passer and the catcher, but they pass the ball directly to the opponent.
2.【The changes of passing strength.】It has chosen the lightest strength to pass to the close teammates, but it is pass to the remote teammates, and the ball intercepted by the other opponents.
3.【Pass delay】Early press the pass key, but the player don’t pass the ball out.
4.【Through ball is not in place】The player who had already started quickly ran to no man’s land and got rid of the defender. At this time sent out of through ball, but to the opponents.
5.【Catch players can’t see clearly】A simple ordinary pass, during which no defender interferes, the catcher fails to see the ball, accidentally kicks the ball to the opponent or out of bounds.
6.【Take a pass exaggeratedly 】Similar to the fourth case, a simple ordinary pass, the catcher to take the ball in a ” splits ” way, resulting in the ball was stolen.
7.【Can’t get the first drop.】Physically superior players often lose out to smaller defenders in the race for first place.
8.【Assist the opponent in passing the ball】The opponent launches an offensive, in which the ball may hit our players or because of our interception, causing the ball to reach the other side many times, and to create a very threatening opportunity to hit the goal.
9.【”upside down” without the ball of catcher】You see a player walking in a relatively safe position, and just as you’re going to pass the ball to him, he runs behind the opposing defender.
And when you see a player in front of him, give him a through ball. No, he stood stupidly and beckoned you to pass the ball.

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