FIFA 18: The Setting of System Board Experience of Shooting

1.【99 goalkeeper】Single knife, the goalkeeper did not run out, it is time to goal in. But the goalkeeper still easily defuses this one absolutely dead corner goal in.
What’s more, if you shot hard, the goalkeeper bounces the ball back into midfield and successfully turns your goal into a gambling pass.
2. The biggest feature of the system is how you shoot and the ball will hit the door frame.
I used to enjoy hitting the doorframe and feeling “the gain and the loss are a fraction of the difference.”, but now only regret.
3.【No matter what, you will miss.】 There are no 99 goalkeepers now, and you can’t hit the frame again. Are you going to score?
No, you missed, and even the ball flew.
When you watch replay, check coach mode, you can clearly look the arrow pointing to the door frame and but the ball still slips out of the door.
4.【Ubiquitous tackler】Okay, there’s really no 99 keepers and that magnetic frame this time. But it doesn’t work to use precise shot, inverted triangle shot, and powerful shot. Because, including your teammates, they will stand in front of the door frame and successfully block your ball.

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