FIFA 18 Tips: How to Build Your Pro in FIFA 18 Pro Club?

In Pro Clubs – FIFA’s clan-based status on the Internet – site selection may be difficult. Go ahead and try to get more goals? Stay again and do dirty dirty work? Or even go to the sticks and pressure to protect your team network?

Equally important is the player’s choice of construction. A way of doing everything from height to individual abilities can have a big impact on how to do it and change their abilities dramatically.

With this in mind, we’ve taken some of the most common positions at Pro Clubs and offer tips on how to customize their designs. Take them as a guide, but do not forget to customize each building according to your game style to maximize efficiency.


Key Features: GK Diving, GK Handling, and GK Feedback

Combining the role of goalkeeper is the most difficult task in the clubs club. Ideally, you want the Pro to be at the height of this position – 6 feet 6 at the highest level you can go – while balancing its weight around the 174 lb signal. Increase it higher and its qualities are reduced to the advantage of relatively meaningless strengths.

You also want to equip the goalkeeper with all relevant goalkeeper skills on the triggers screen. Focus more on the style of your game – talk, clash, and transportation is a good solution for everyone.

Central Defender

Key features: continuous chat, capture, power

The key role of the center is to maintain a good balance. The medium associated with increasing height and weight is lack of speed, but it also acquires strength, which is essential. In order to take advantage of the whole plate, it is recommended that the height is about 6ft 2in and any weight range is 174-198lbs.

You can always increase this in the player features screen. Make sure that your player is in the defensive category with all the features, improves power, enemy speed, acceleration and transport.

Wide Midfielder

Key Features: Shuffle, enemy speed, speed up

Players who are attracted to midfield / extreme positions are above all priorities of speed and intelligence. If you want to maximize this, it is recommended that you do not exceed your height about 6 feet, while 149-174 pounds will provide good weight in many stages.

As you expect, the increased enemy speed and acceleration properties is critical, while features such as agility, ball control and skill movements can have a significant impact. Do not forget the intersection and progress – both are useful in this position.

Central Attacking Midfielder

Main features: Shuffle, short passage, long shots

If you want to play the role of CAM behind the attackers, there are many attacking characteristics that you must exploit. For beginners, it is not wise to build a height and weight similar to a wide midfield position, keeping it low if you choose a particularly agile midfielder.

Among the characteristics of players, the three main areas, which are attributed to the characteristics of players, slip and pass and straighten. Pay attention to these sub-categories such as agility, lead control, short passage, transit, end, and long shots.


Main Features: Surface treatment, Shuffle, Speed up

This position is by far the most popular in all professional clubs, and provides plenty of space for customization. We want a nice balance of pace and strength here, so when choosing the central physical statistics, we recommend to propose about 6 meters long and 174 pounds a serious construction good anywhere.

Of course, he wanted to put a lot of skill points in the photography statistics. It is important to focus on the player’s exciting skills, while acceleration, pace, short pass and strength all deserve improvement.

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