FIFA 18 Tips: How to Close Down with High Pressure in FIFA 18?

Introduction to the application and non-application condition

Tactic board is oppressive active double 75+. Instructions are pressing hard and oppressing the opponent with the whole team. Attack one step. (Or according to the situation of defense, go back one or two steps.) The closing down with high pressure mainly refers to pressing the opposite player who has the ball in the midfield or upfield in order to let him make mistakes, so that we can control the ball and counterattack quickly. Advantages: low level tactic without solution, score goals over 15 shots. Disadvantages: ask for high demand on players’ strength. Generally if the strength is under 90, the player will be replaced after 70 minutes. Secondly ask for good dribbling. As for the game players who are good at passing, the closing down actually help them pass opponents.

In a word, we should use corresponding tactics based on the opponents
Application condition of the closing down with high pressure: the opponents who like acceleration (it is easy to define his tactics), the opponents who are only absorbed in passing forward and care less about the situation of his back. (There are only two passing ways, so it is easy to cut them off.)

Non-application condition of the closing down with high pressure: legendary level dynamic difficulty or above, opponents who are good at passing, the operation of SM and opponents who use the 4-1-2-1-2 formation to counter attack.

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