FIFA 18 Tips: Legendary Player Nesta in FIFA 18

Nesta was born on March 19, 1976 in Rome Italy. Nesta who often suffers with back pain has attached to soccer on his doctor’s suggestion. In Lazio Youth Sector, Nesta has tried to be a forward or a center, but eventually he chooses to be a center back in the team.

As an early bloomer, he becomes the leader of Biancocelesti very early. He has a handsome face with eyes as deep as the Mediterranean Sea and an elegant temperament like the wind filling with the aura of art. At the age of Serie A with the title of the World Cup Junior, there is no doubt that Nesta is the most elegant and powerful guardian across the Apennine peninsula. He thoroughly and accurately prevents the opponents’ attack again and again. He is hard to beat even in one-to-one situation.

In the summer of 2002, since the aggravation of debt crisis, Lazio had no chose but to sell its leader to A.C. Milan. In the first season of the new club, Nesta helped A.C. Milan to reach the European final. Within 120 minutes, the defense leaded by Nesta is so solid that leave no chance for their old enemy Juventus. On the final penalty kicks, he became famous and eventually won the Champions League in 2003 with A.C. Milan. A year after Nesta with A.C. Milan mounted the throne of the Serie A champions.

In 2012, after playing for A.C. Milan for a whole decade, Nesta retired after winning merit and jointed MLS. In the game, the comprehensive ability of Nesta is 92. Although his speed is slightly slow and the physical is not sufficient enough, other defense values are over 90. He is a very excellent center back.

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