FIFA 18 Tutorial: FIFA 18 Short Corner Kick Tips

When the short corner is out, it’s ok to follow the tips about dribbling. You can choose to cross, triangle, or continue to go into the penalty area.

Corner also have quick tactics, when the corner is not issued before, you can press the cross key, and the players in the penalty area should choose a stance to cooperate with you in the corner. (In fact, it takes little effects, the author recommended corner, slow to fight, kill the opponent off guard, transfer slowly, and the other have stood the right location).

Long pass to switch play or find a teammate in space

When a side road is unable to open the situation, you can consider the long pass to switch play or find a teammate in space.

When an opposing force very tight, and it’s hard to find a flaw in a single route, then you need to keep an eye on the mini map and the winger’s movement, as long as they ran out of the gap, you can immediately find a teammate in space to pass the ball.

It’s a little silly, but it might give you a new perspective on the overall situation, rather than a small area of the field.

Transfer another advantage is to make the AI control player to perk up, sometimes, your ball can’t go out and unable to break through, the opposing defence resist your offensive line, AI control players naturally slow down in the running, some even just like walking.

As soon as you move your feet, the AI players will try to find a neutral position, as long as they can run out of a “nice bit” and you can send a deadly pass.

But keep in mind that it’s not as accurate as a short pass, so the goal of the pass must be to select the players in the gap. Long pass to switch play or find a teammate in space in the front field will be more difficult, but it’s easier in the mid-back field. Nonetheless, when the opposing press hard, the mid-back field transfer the ball be as strong as possible, even if the ball out but not to be robbed.

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