FIFA 18 Tutorial: Lob Shot

If you try the lob shot, the commentary will always say, “ the goalkeeper hates lob shot”. in other words, the lob shot is under strict monitor by AI, Whenever you use a lob shot, they are sure to keep the ball out of the range of the goal frame.

Since there is a lob shot, it has the meaning of its existence.

When the opposing goalkeeper comes out, or is seriously out of position, for example, when they are deliberately standing near the column, it is the time you use lob shot. In addition, you can also observe the movements of the goalkeeper. If he’s putting his hands on his feet and seems to be trying to block the low shot, then you can use lob shot to catch his unawares.

A lob shot draws a wonderful parabola in the sky. This requires you to know the distance between you and the goalkeeper, the distance between the keeper and the frame, and the power of your shot.

The author used to choose 50% of the force in the penalty area, 90% of the force in the penalty area line, and 100% of the force of lob shot out of the penalty area line. How much is the specific strength still depends on the feeling at that time (the two distances mentioned above).

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