FIFA 18 Tutorial: Shooting Skills in FIFA 18

A sniper’s shoot
Compared to PES, in the case of blocking by a defensive player in FIFA, your shot will be seriously affected, less causes the deviation from orbit, more leads to intercepting.
To prevent interference, in the moment you shoot, you have to make a quick decision, you must be fast enough and tough enough so that you make a deadly shot.
There are two basic operations for sniper’s shoot. One is flicking the ball laterally then shooting right away. The other is directly hit the door immediately when you touch the ball. Both of them are done when opponent’s defensive line is not completed and without breaking opponent’s defensive line completely.
Actually, many players know these two kinds of shooting. However, games are different. Playing games is not only the movement of your fingers. Sometimes, your operation becomes muddy just because you want to do some fancy tricks.
If you have a pause after your player broke through in the games, then the defenders are easy to get around. At this time, to correct this kind of “artificial”delay, you need to make sure you action cannot fail under any circumstances.
After the operation, the action of the player is not finished, at this time, you can press B, so that the player can shot the gate right away after the action.
Compared to flicking the ball laterally then shooting right away, the second way is much more easy. You just hit the door immediately when you touch the ball. Even though it is simple, this way of shooting is generally not very strong. In order to make some amends, you can consider the through ball as a simple lateral pass or to use a strong roll to increase the volley speed of the shooter.

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