FIFA 18 Tutorial: The Goal Skill of Free Kick

FIFA 18 free kick is much harder than in previous generations, and the key is that many players have learned to press the RB button to push the wall forward.

When you hit the door lightly, you will find that the distance is obviously not enough, and it is easy to be blocked by the wall. If you choose to shoot, it will be easy to fly. So the mastery of intensity is very elegant.

To shoot a good free kick, first of all, of course, to choose a free hand, a left foot will be better, and second request the player’s shot strength above 85, it can be fast enough to ensure that shooting the ball.

Then there are two free kicks.

At close range, that is, gourd near the top, strength suggested that is light, probably a little more than 1 case, and then adjust the angle slightly. It tends to the far column, ensure that free players looking straight ahead and the line of sight is in the frame range, if beyond is easy to hit, this time can sent out a quality free kick.

If it is a free-kick between the middle and the top of the gourd, it is recommended to use the Ronaldo’s falling ball, which doesn’t need to care about the angle, only the strength and the way of the door.

This type of penalty kicks strength is at 80 to 90 percent, and doesn’t have to worry about a free throw, because while pressing B, you need to press the RB button as well, which is to press the ball down.