FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Coin Tips: How to Make Millions Through SBCs and Silver Packs Part 6

A note about packing in-form (TOTW) cards
If you pack any in-forms using the above methods and have no plans to keep them, DO NOT SELL until at least a fortnight later. While still in packs (from 6pm Wednesday to 5.59pm Wednesday the following week) they have poor resale value as everyone is offloading them at once.

Invest in discard-price Gold in-form cards

Once you pass the 100,000 coins mark, I recommended investing in 3-4 TOTW players between Sunday and Tuesday of any given week. To this, search for ‘Special’ players on the transfer market at a Buy It Now price of 9,400-10,500, then cherry pick any gold ones. (You can *always* resell these players for at least 11,500 coins, sometimes much more – or, if you suddenly need funds, quick sell them to the CPU for 9,900, meaning any losses are tiny.)

I stash these purchases in my club for 2-3 weeks, then list for at least 13,000-14,000 – sometimes more, depending on comparative prices for the same card.

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