FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Packs: The 9 Best Packs You Worth To Buy Part 2

4. Rare Electrum Players Pack (30k coins)

This Electrum Pack features a mix of both Gold and Silver items for your 30k coins or 600 FIFA Points. It’s far better value than the Prime Gold Players pack as all 12 of them are guaranteed to be rare players, boosting your chances of packing anything from a Team of the Week candidate to an Icon. Although this pack rarely features in the store, it’s the very best version of the Electrum Pack, offering improved odds over the Standard, Premium and Prime variants.

5. Mega Pack (35k coins)

One of FIFA 18’s most popular packs, the Mega Pack offers a whopping 30 items amongst its list of contents. This is made up of at least 26 golds, with a mix of players and consumables making the cut. The big advantage here is that 18 of the 30 items are rare variants, making for a highly-inflated chance of packing something special. You’ll often find Mega Packs on the store, so keep an eye out.

6. Rare Players Pack (50k coins)

The rewards really start ramping up at the 50k mark, with the Rare Players Pack featuring 12 players, all of which are both gold and rare. This naturally leads to some potentially outstanding acquisitions, but don’t be under any assumptions – there are no guarantees you’ll make a profit here. Packs of this cost (and higher) are truly for the risk-takers, but can also be earned through FUT 18’s Squad Battles, FUT Champions and FUT Draft modes.

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