FIFA 18 : El Tornado Skill Move

With FIFA 18 pulling off the coup of having the renowned Cristiano Ronaldo on its cover, many fans were wondering exactly how EA Sports would be making the Real Madrid star into a must-have player in the game. Before too long, it was revealed that Ronaldo would be one of the few players in the game to be able to use a rather special skill move: El Tornado.

The move itself is definitely a spectacular one, as the FIFA 18 player in question has to spin the ball over their foot, flick the ball into the air, and then pull off a spinning volley. It’s something of an exclusive trick, though, as only Cristiano Ronaldo, Antoine Griezmann, Dele Alli, and Roberto Carlos can even complete El Tornado. However, once the user has one of those players at their disposal, it’s actually relatively straightforward.

In order to pull of El Tornado, hold down L1 or LB and move the right analog stick upwards before flicking it to the side. The flick to the side determines which way the user wants the ball to go, so there’s a fair level of flexibility when it comes to the move.

Of course, a move such as this may require a bit of practice to get a level of finesse, but there’s plenty of chance to train up. After all, what else are the free practice sessions for if not to hone skills in some of the most spectacular stylistic moves in the game? Once users are up to speed, El Tornado is the perfect way to finish off a game with flair.

Not everything that relates to Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA 18 has gone down as well as El Tornado, however. In particular, FIFA fans have raised eyebrows over Cristiano Ronaldo’s awkward goal celebration, although that celebration could perhaps be forgiven if it follows up a successful attempt at El Tornado.

That particular skill move is not the only way in which a spectacular goal can be scored in FIFA 18, though. Indeed, although El Tornado is great from open play, there’s always the option of scoring a world class goal from a set piece. To do that, of course, players will no doubt want to pick up one of the best free kick takers in FIFA 18.