FIFA19 recently updated the SET 2 icons SBC player for gamers to redeem, So how do these icons perform, and the value is not worth doing? I will bring you FIFA19 prime icon SET 2 player analysis and recommendation today, I hope everyone likes it.



Henrik Larson, the legendary center of Sweden. Previously played for Hogburg BK, Helsingborg IF, Feyenoord, Celtic, Barcelona and Manchester United. Larson is characterized by speed and ability to create opportunities. The disadvantage is that he has more injuries and affects his career.

Larsson is relatively weak in the game, fast, and shooting is his biggest advantage, while other aspects are still very weak. Although the bounce ability is as high as 92, only the strength of 65 makes him particularly thin in the restricted area where the strong man gathers, and the 3-satr skills and the dribbling in the middle of the law make him seem powerless. In general, players who have feelings for him can try it, and if there is a better legendary striker coming out next time, it is recommended to consider replacing it.



Trezeguet, the legendary French striker. The most glorious period of Trezeguet should be the time for Juventus. As long as he stays healthy, he is the best choice for Juventus’ main striker. But similar to Larrson, they are all famous Mr Glass. If it is not full of injuries, I believe that Trezeguet may become one of the forwards with Ronaldo. Trezeguet’s stats in FIFA can be said to be very comprehensive, strong in body, speed is not bad, first-rate shooting, the only drawback is that the flexibility is lower. In general, he is a very good striker, regardless of heading or position, Trezeguet has a good performance. It is recommended that interested players can try his power.



Frank Lampard, England midfielder. Lampard is the midfielder with the most goals scored in Premier League history, while still maintaining Chelsea’s scoring record. It is also worth noting that after professional testing, Lampard IQ is above 150, It would be fair to say that he is the commander. Lampard’s performance in the game can also be said to be quite good, balanced stats make him in the midfield position, both offensive and defensive, have a good performance. More notably, Lampard’s long-shot is very powerful, and 94’s long-shot is fifth in the game for all players. As a fan of Chelsea, Lampard has more than 200 positions in the frontcourt of my team. It can be said that Lampard’s advantages and disadvantages are equally prominent. The advantages are excellent long-shot and passing ability. The disadvantage is that the speed and dribbling are relatively weak.